What Will You Be Doing on 10th May?

The 10th May is a hugely important day in the Police Family – I will be joining my Police Officer husband, Officers from across the country and their supporters in a March against the Police Cuts.  The cuts in this public service will impact those in the service and their families BUT they will also affect EVERYONE in our communities.

From discussions I’ve had with people many think that Police Officers are marching about Pay & Pensions. Whilst many Officers (as any employee would be) may be concerned about this,  they are marching in their own time (rest days and holiday) to save this essential public service, in short because They Care.  

The Police Service is a public service with the responsibility to:-

  • Detect and prevent crime
  • Safeguard life and property

The Police cuts will affect their ability to do these things and this will affect every household and business – If you don’t think this is true :-

  • Cuts in the number of Police Officers are already being made.  20% cuts = 16,000 police officers over the next 4 years.
There are also plans in place for Police work be privatised :-
  • Privatisation of some police work is already happening and more is planned http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2012/mar/02/police-privatisation-security-firms-crime
This is happening without any consultation with the Public – do you want to risk the future of this service to shareholders wanting to make a profit?
So yes, I am joining the march to support my family BUT I am also there to show I CARE about this essential Public Service………Do You?

The T-Shirts have arrived (not modelled by me I might add!) and hopefully you will be able to spot us in the crowd.

Give us a wave and cheer if you see us, and If You Care start asking what is planned for the British police force?


(as modelled by @ChestyLaRue73)

You can find out more:




Twitter  @antiwinsornetwk   #AntiWinsorNetwork

Thanks for reading.

Cheryl Burgess



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